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fescue sod oklahoma (EPP-7658) Advance Sod Sales, Bixby, OK. Learn More. 1 st Choice Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated Oklahoma lawn and turf care business. Call today for a free estimate. Fescue Sod needs 4 hours of sunlight to survive 3. 61: Sod Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install sod with favorable site conditions. Start your order today by calling (580) 297-6957. The fescues (Festuca spp. How to Get the Best from Your Fescue Lawn. C. com - 918. It is safe for use in fescue and is particularly effective on weeds that have a central taproot like plantain, dandelion, shepherd's purse and the mustard family of weeds. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9. The trick is to understand what each kind of grass is best for your needs and to understand what each type needs to thrive and grow. If you plan to establish or renovate your lawn with a cool season grass this fall be sure to seed before the end of September for best results. Oklahoma Gardening. To get a free quote on sod and/or installation Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair Now is adding Sod Installation to our Drainage System Services and Lawn Sprinkler Repair. Crutcho Creek Sod Farm is a certified DBE business since 2015. 2631 or visit QuantumSod. 2631 Tulsa - Broken Arrow - Coweta - Jenks - Owasso - Bixby Fescue Sod - Quantum Sod - Tulsa Oklahoma - 918. DoMyOwn has great prices and awesome customer service. Avoid K-31 Tall Fescue. O. We can carry a variety of landscaping and hardscaping supplies. 1) Fescue sod loves cooler weather – Fescues sods roots need the right temperature to survive being harvested and replanted. In general, fescues don't need a lot of fertilizer. Oklahoma is the place to be! And with such a great geographical location choosing the right seed for your Oklahoma City lawn is a cinch, since so many different kinds of grass can thrive in your climate. The fescue grass has plenty of benefits, and low maintenance is one of them. We recommend that you repeat the process every year for three years for a thick full lawn. Augustine that become dormant in the Sod Delivery And Installation Oklahoma City Edmond Yukon Lawton Norman Oklahoma Drainage And Sprinkler Repair 405 203 9419 from blanecallen. Fescue Sod – Sod – Sod Delivery – Sod Installation – Sod Supplier Fescue Sod is Great for areas of you lawn that do not receive a ton of sunlight. The improved turf-type tall fescues are finding widespread acceptance as lawn grasses in the transition zone. This way you will know the right fertilizer bag to buy based upon the numbers on the bag. These practices can also prevent healthy lawns from damage and falling into disrepair. ) is a cool-season grass prized for its year-round color and ability to tolerate shade and drought. 928. com Phone: 918. The air temperature will be between 70-80° F (21-27° C). Lawn care is important year-round, especially in places with such variable weather. Planting fescue in fall is the best bet for a healthy lawn. In areas where Kentucky bluegrass does well, creeping red fescue forms an excellent companion grass to increase shade tolerance. 2631.   Standard grass seed blends usually contain about 1/3 fescue and, between the three varieties, a dominant species will emerge depending largely on the amount of sunlight it receives. Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter – you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractor’s down season. It is especially adapted to the hazardous growing conditions of southern Missouri and will produce more forage on acid, wet soils of sandstone and shale origin than other cool-season grass. Oklahoma and one that is also suited to your planting site and interests. 3 6. Fescue sod does not like soil that is too hot or too cold. When can you lay fescue sod in Oklahoma? Most seeded bermudagrasses should be planted by July 1. If you live in Oklahoma and you are interested in fescue sod for your property call 918. Call for a free quote. Covid-19 Update This is a shade/cool season sod; we sell it seasonally. Fescue grass should be mowed higher than Bermuda, more like 2 1/2 inches in the sunny areas and 3 inches where heavy shade exists. For current Fescue sod pricing call 918. TLC grows more plants locally than any other garden center in Oklahoma. Tall fescue demonstrates good shade tolerance in the southern region and remains green year-round under irrigated conditions. place an order. Grass in need of water will have a grey-blue cast, rather than its normal green color. oklahoma city farm & garden "sod" - craigslist Fresh Cut Fescue Sod $275 (tul > Tulsa) hide this posting restore restore this posting. 2631 Tall fescue is an exceptional choice for making your lawn look beautiful. Each fescue sod pallet covers 500 SqFt. Tall Fescue Lawn Care. Overseeding is the process of spreading new grass seed throughout your lawn to help it grow. Website: QuantumSod. Sod – Sod Installation – Sod Delivery - QuantumSod. Tall fescue is versatile. 00 Bermuda 250 square feet pallet $102. We have 100% fescue seeds with no weed seeds, and we’ll make sure you know the best watering schedule in order to help promote seed growth. Click here to get a free estimate today! Fescue sod is sold year round in Oklahoma. The grass should also be suited to the physical or environmental limitations of the planting site, such as shade, no supplemental water, or poor soil conditions. Very shady areas will likely need a custom seed blend. Maintenance Schedule for Fescue Lawns 405-478-1200 Oklahoma City Sod & Landscape Center offers a variety of turf grasses – Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue. Matter of fact that is what the lawn has been done in the last 5 years and i loved it. Aerating—The best time to aerate a fescue lawn is during temperate fall or spring months. Turf Masters’ 7 Round Lawn Care Program is designed to give your fescue lawn all the nutrients it needs, as well as the pre- and post-emergent weed control you have come to expect. They also perform in areas with partial shade. A-G Sod Farms serves Moreno Valley, Fresno, Stockton and Palmdale! This ornamental tree blooms a dark purple in the early spring. Will it come back in the winter? Do we just need to wait until fall and plant a new lawn, and not fescue? Latitude 36 ™ Bermudagrass was developed by renowned Oklahoma State University and is a top quality rated NTEP bermudagrass. Fall is the time your tall fescue lawn will repair and revitalize. However Locally produced, quality sod From our farms! You could have a new yard today! Decorative rock - Wichita only For all your landscaping needs! Fresh sod delivered to your job site! Wichita only - bulk egg rock, pea gravel, & more! Once that new fescue lawn comes up, you’ve got to keep it up. andsold as sod. Kentucky 31 Fescue is an older fescue variety that has a proven track record of handling just about any condition. Fescue (Festuca spp. Because tall fescue grass tolerates heat, cold, drought, and shade, it is suitable for most yards. Fescue sod must be reseeded twice a year if you want to maintain a full turf. For almost 35 years, we have been providing Central Oklahoma with Bermuda, Fescue, Tiff, and Buffalo sod, hydro-mulch, seed and spriging. Fescue grass (Festuca spp. Make certain fertilizer applications have been adequate before applying a fungicide. It makes the summer lawn look lush. The most widely used cool-season grass in Oklahoma is tall fescue, which is often mixed with other cool-season species such as Kentucky bluegrass. Turf-type tall fescues can produce a high-performance, low-maintenance lawn that you can take pride in. Kentucky 31, known in the seed industry as KY-31 or K-31, helped tall fescue grasses transition from livestock pasture grasses to lush, durable, manicured lawns. Tips For Success: Seeding Cool Season Turfgrasses . Plant the recommended amount of seeds or vegetative material (sod, sprigs, and plugs) to ensure rapid coverage (Table 2). Because Bluegrass seeds are smaller and lighter than Fescue seeds, you’ll actually get close to a 50/50 mix in seed quantity. today to place an order! We will begin shipping our popular grass plugs starting March 1st. Legacy is a fine fescue grass seed blend great for lawn. Even the more desirable “turf type” Fescue is the heaviest maintenance lawn type for our area. This low-maintenance grass seed can be used by itself on lawns or to over-seed other fescue Tall fescue grass is a cool-season perennial lawn grass that grows in a wide range of conditions. It also will maintain itself under rather limited How to Care for Fescue Grass in the Summer. This seed establishes quickly and rapidly fills in, building good weed crowding density. Cool season grass that thrives during winter; Outperforms majority of cool season grasses in hot weather Welcome to Bentley Turf Farms Inc. How to Grow Grass Under Trees. 3lb: 750 sq ft for overseeding and 250 sq ft for new lawn coverage 7lb: 1,750 sq ft for overseeding and 580 sq ft for new lawn coverage 20lb: 5,000 sq ft for overseeding and 1,665 sq ft for new lawn coverage 40lb: 10,000 sq ft for overseeding and 3,330 sq ft for new lawn coverage tall fescue region (Oklahoma-Texas and eastward), cultivars with a high levels of the endophyte are recommended because they exhibit better drought tolerance, which results in better summer survival. On fescue lawns, preemergence herbicides should not be applied in the fall if the lawn is to be over-seeded. ) compose a large genus of about 100 species of grasses. Box 1392 Enid, OK 73702 . Zone 6 : April 19th. 10th St. It is important to turn the water off as soon as you begin to see it pool on the surface because watering to the point of creating run off can shift or flood your new seed. 75 lb. nichboy1. You can also read the calendars linked below from several extension offices. Fertilize your lawn after aeration to allow the fertilizer’s nutrients to penetrate the grass’ roots. Based upon the type of turf you are using for your Oklahoma lawn you will find your annual fertilization schedule. If you are going to install or have fescue sod installed in your yard we ask you remember the few tips. Tall fescue solves a lot of lawn care problems. Turf-type tall fescues have a wider leaf blade than fine fescues and are often used in seed blends where a shade loving, slow By planting high-quality, high-performance tall fescue seed, such as The Rebels ® Brand tall fescue seed products, your lawn benefits from years of turf-type tall fescue innovation and research. If you’re looking for the leading experts in Tulsa sod then you have come to the right place! Providing top quality service and sod for contractors, homeowners and those looking to renovate their athletic turf. Fescue Sod Installation – Oklahoma – QuantumSod. Fescue is a shade tolerant turf that thrives in shady areas of Oklahoma lawns. Because of compatibility issues, never plant Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue as a grass blend but a Kentucky bluegrass/perennial rye grass blend is acceptable and may make an nice fit for your lawn. Doc put together an easy to use fescue lawn calendar with some simple lawn care tips. ©2021 The Sod Store. The second best time to establish cool-season grasses in Oklahoma is now through April 15. Can Sod be returned? Yes, Sod can be returned and have a 90-Day return period. Texoma MaxQ II contains a nontoxic novel endophyte and is adapted to areas east of the I-35 corridor in Oklahoma and Texas. Zones 4 & 5 : May 3rd TLC Garden Centers is one of the largest independent nursery, greenhouse and landscape retailers in the country. We are going to give you a few tips on how to keep your fescue sod healthy and happy before and after installation. We water it, but that doesn't help. It also occurs again in autumn as temperatures fall. Endophyte free fescue can be used in pastures for excellent coverage. While other types of grass die due to constant use, fescue can survive areas with a lot of foot traffic, including lawns and areas around swimming pools. Install Let us come install for you. In the above picture, we installed two pallets of Fescue. 4 10: Pennington The Rebels Tall Fescue Grass Seed Blend, 3 Pounds 7. Description. Our Certified Turf Professionals are available via live chat or phone to help answer your sod questions. Sod gives the instant appearance of a well-established lawn. The trial was performed at the Oklahoma State University Turfgrass Research Center at Stillwater, Oklahoma from 1988to 1992. Your new lawn needs to be watered twice a day, for about 20 minutes per session every day for at least two months. Crutcho Creek Sod Farm has been a family owned and operated sod farm in Oklahoma City since 1983. 2631 Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, Coweta Fescue Sod does well in the shadier areas of your yard. But Bermuda will NOT grow or grows sparsely in shady areas (areas shaded by house or trees). The delicate leaves are an indicator as is the superior performance in shade locations. Dollar spot disease of lawns can first become visible in mid-May. okstate. Come visit our 150,000 square feet of greenhouses, 10 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers and get expert advice from our TLC Plant Professionals! Carrying a wide range of commercial and residential sod grass in Texas King Ranch Turfgrass utilizes over 13,000 gross acres of land to farm our grasses. Fescue sod loves the shade. Mar 15, 2020 - Quantum Sod - Sod - Sod Delivery - Sod Supplier - Sod Delivery - Sod Installation Fescue - QuantumSod. Fescues, such as Fescue Sod – Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist Expect the Fescue Sod prices to fluctuate between various companies – each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head. Sod can be installed at almost any time of the year. Fescue sod is one of the thicker and more durable types of grass. Tall fescue can be overseeded at the rate of 3-5 pounds per 1000 square feet (Usually 1/2 new lawn rate). I basically broadcast fescue seed into the Bermuda in Sept and watered regularly and fertilized with 9-24-24 I believe. Our company offers high quality 5630 South 107th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133, United States Rather you have one pallet or several semi loads, we're the company for you. com – 918. Get lush, dark green, uniform Sod, from the best and largest Sod Grower in California. Because tall fescue is nota spreading grass, harvesting tallfescue sod is difficult. Location, soil type, health of lawn, and other factors affect turf performance. Temperatures from 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit Sod Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: Blend of fescue sod for year round color and good shade tolerance. Fescue Sod. And sod that’s primarily bluegrass won’t grow as vigorously under your shade tree as fescue and other shade-loving grasses. The morning and late afternoon are the best times to water your lawn but remember to adjust your watering schedule to account for rainfall. ft. Feed the fescue grass a fall-season lawn fertilizer in October. Legacy is an excellent choice for naturalized areas. , Oklahoma City, OK 73141 | canadianvalleyturffarm@gmail. Turf-type tall fescue (TTT fescue) has gained popularity as a lawn grass. 1st Choice Lawn Care: About Us. With proper care and determination, you can successfully grow grass under a tree. Overseed with Fescue this fall to increase the thickness and health of your lawn. If you are determined to plant fescue in the shade, these tips will help it survive: • Seed or overseed each fall, using six to eight pounds of seed per thousand square feet. Here in Oklahoma, it is the most popular turf type lawn. With irrigation, fescue usually can provide the consumer with 12 months of green turf. 3. This should be enough so that your lawn gets a solid six inches of watering per cycle. Our Recommendation: Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue. The amount of actual or percentage of pure live seed Fescue Sod Installation. We offer pick-up, delivery and professional installation. The ideal climate occurs in spring before the temperature starts to climb for summer. Department of Agriculture zones 1 through 11) is a cool-season grass type. edu Herein, when can you lay fescue sod in Oklahoma? Most seeded bermudagrasses should be planted by July 1. We welcome builders and contractors to call us for our 5k, 10k, 50k Sod clubsCoweta Sod Installation. If you have planted tall fescue in the last year or two, then you may want to overseed the area to thicken up the turf grass Mow the fescue sod once or twice each week during the growing season to keep the grass at about 1 or 2 inches tall. The Oklahoma Landscape Approach to Fescue Seeding. Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Grew in 5-7 days in the heat of Oklahoma. Red Fescue is moderately wear resistant. Cutting any lower can severely damage your grass. Call 918. We install Fescue and Bermuda Sod by the “Pallet. Our lawn care professionals have expertise in planting tall fescue grass seed at Cedar Rapids and can help you get the beautiful and lush lawn you’ve always wanted! Give us a call at (515) 996-2261 today for a lawn care consultation. Fescue . Fescue sod needs cooler temperatures to survive and be healthy when installed. 2631 What Is Fescue? Fescue is a turfgrass that’s characterized by ultra-fine leaves. bag seeds up to 5,280 sq. We have extensive experience in Sodding, Sprigging, Seeding and Mulching to provide you with a full range of establishment options. 8 7. Oct 7, 2020 - Fescue sod is very picky about the kind of weather it does well being installed in. 2 or 435 to 870 pounds of seed per acre. I live in Marietta, GA where it’s usually hot/dry & I’m looking to sod my front yard, but don’t know if I should lay down Zoysia Sod or Fescue Sod (which is more popular in my subdivision). Fescue sod needs atleast 4 hours of sunlight to survive. It has a turf-like completion that is luscious and is stunning emerald, but let’s take a closer look. Delivery and pickup available. It also prevents erosion immediately and requires less careful initial irrigation than seed. 2631 Tulsa Oklahoma - Broken Arrow Oklahoma - Coweta Oklahoma - Oklahoma City Oklahoma Sod will give any home for sale the makeover buyers desire. The best practice is in September to Overseed the damaged turf, predominantly Tall Fescue, to create a full lawn. Sod is perfect for people who just got done with construction or anyone who would like to have fresh grass growing on their propert… This calendar of suggested maintenance practices is designed to be a general guide in the care of your fescue lawn. Schedule Fall Lawn Care. COST= $65 per 1,000 sq feet. If there’s an area of your lawn with little or no grass, seeding it with fescue is a surefire way to treat it. I started last year working on encouraging the bermuda and slowing down the annuals. com - Information and online sales of all types of Fescue seed. Fertilize warm-season grasses at 1 pound N per 1,000 square feet. A 500 Square foot pallet of sod weighs about 2,000 pounds. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No. Here’s how to prepare to install sod. “The temperatures are perfect and there’s more than enough free moisture for brown patch to infect turfgrass. . We take special care to produce sod that will thrive in the vibrant transitional region that Oklahoma lies in. It has lasted around 5 years with no re-seeding. As a result, tall fescue grass seed does not germinate properly unless soil and air temperatures average around 60 to 75 degrees. Grady Miller on NC State Extension TurfFiles. Tall fescue does best if you use a rotary-type mower and leave the clippings on the lawn. Tall fescue is well adapted to the soil and weather conditions of Missouri. Thanks. Dec 1, 2020 - Fescue Sod - Tulsa Sod Installation - Quantum Sod - 918. Put out the seed Many growers have trouble determining if they have fine fescue vs. If your shady areas (under trees and near house) have mostly bald areas with no grass , the first time, we will aerate, overseed, and put down starter fertilizer Hello everyone, well this fall i started the difficult process of turning a (Bermuda & weed) yard to a nice fescue blend lawn in central Oklahoma. Creeping Red Fescue grass seed germinates and establishes slowly. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with top quality turf grass and unprecedented service, to be good stewards of our land and water so that we protect them for the future, to be courteous and professional with everyone we come into contact with, so that your experience with us is memorable. Pick up or delivery available. An area with a great history and a better future. Website: greenacresodfarm. Our tall fescue sod is available as folded pieces, small rolls or big rolls. For more information on selecting a lawn grass for Oklahoma, see Fact Sheet HLA-6418. Residential Lawn Sprinkler Repair is also a service that we provide. It went down well and has thrived. Dixie Sod continues to service our Georgia customers with a variety of sod blends, which We are now cutting sod for the 2021 season! Call. But most sods are grown in wide-open fields, a condition that favors bluegrass and other sun-loving grasses. Elite Tall Fescue sod is ideal for fine residential lawns, large corporate and commercial landscapes, medians and roadsides, and parks. High spring and summer heat suppresses the disease. | Bethany, OK Use a complete lawn fertilizer like 12-4-8 that contains a slow release form of nitrogen. Some gardeners prefer to replace it with fescue, a cool-season grass that does best in the fall, winter and spring. Oklahoma Landscape will use core aeration or double core aeration to create the best environment for Fescue seed germination. Mike Trammell and Carolyn Young, Ph. It is not an “instant” lawn. 1. Fescue Sod Winter/Spring Fun Facts – QuantumSod. To enjoy the beauty of lush green lawn, contact us at 405-494-6020 for fescue overseeding in Oklahoma City, and nearby areas of Norman, Edmond, Mustang, Midwest City, Del City, Moore & Choctaw. Healthy, dense, and slow growing this fescue blend is perfect for low mowing and heavy traffic from kids and dogs. For more information on tall fescue seeding, refer to the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach publication, “Establishing a Lawn from Seed” (PM 1072). Bentley Turf Farms is a progressive full service Turf Establishment and Erosion Control company. Resistance to lawn diseases is enhanced by introducing genetic diversity into your lawn each fall when overseeding with Heat Wave™. To schedule a fescue sod delivery or get a free fescue sod delivery quote. Fescue will grow in full sun farther north, and in those areas, it’s probably fine to seed in the spring. Tulsa – Broken Arrow – Coweta – Jenks – Owasso – Bixby What is the best-rated product in Sod? The best-rated product in Sod is the 500 sq. The more you order every week/month the more your save. Turf Type Tall Fescue is the most widely used cool-season turfgrass in Oklahoma. Tall fescue is the most heat and drought tolerant of the cool-season grasses but will still require frequent watering during the summer. This video is unavailable. com for current sod pricing. edu Top Turf Sod Farm . But with temperatures in the 110+ this summer here in oklahoma it dies out. Do not use a slow-release Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that thrives in the heat of midsummer. Overseeding your fescue lawn once per year can help prevent drought stress, disease damage, and bare patches. Joan S. We offer sod in Bermuda, Zoysia, Black Beauty Tall Fescue, and Buffalo grass. Spring is the second best time to lay sod and is the preferable time for warm season grasses such as centipede, zoysia, bermuda, and St. Thus, the ideal time to seed Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or tall fescue is in late September and October. Fescue Lawn Calendar. Fescue vs. The big rolls are 42″ wide and can be cut to any length up to 115 Located in the beautiful Choska Bottoms of eastern Oklahoma. Each fescue lawn is unique, so make sure you keep an eye on yours to ensure it receives the proper amount of watering. Fescue sod does best laid in early spring or mid-fall, when these cool-season grasses are actively growing. You will have to water more to make sure your grass stays hydrated. How to overseed in Tulsa. Zone 8 : March 15th. Always read the label thoroughly for specifics regarding seeding. When compared to Bermuda, Fescue has thinner blades of grass. Many sod producers do not like to market sod of cool-season turfgrasses in July and August, when plants are prone to high-temperature stress and disease. Plus fescue/bluegrass mixture, each with second-generation self-repairing rhizomes. Watch Queue Queue When Can I Sod Fescue? Tulsa Oklahoma Broken Arrow Oklahoma Coweta Oklahoma You can sod fescue in temperatures that range between 50 – 80 degrees. Rake any One of the important aspects of seeding your lawn happens before you ever lift a tool. Fine fescue for lawns germinates quickly and establishes readily. Installing Fescue is exactly this story. Some varieties of Bluegrass will tolerate up to 60-65% shade. Improved cultivars look and grow like other popular lawn grasses, with the added benefit of being heat and drought tolerant. E. Fescue sod is sold and delivered in 500 SqFt pallets. Oklahoma Lawns Turfgrass selection involves choosing a grass adapted to the environmental conditions of Oklahoma and that fits your personal needs and interests. tree removal and stump grinding, lawn care oklahoma city, lawn maintenance oklahoma, lawn clean up oklahoma, repo clean up oklahoma, full clean, foreclosures, weed control, Fertilization, pest control, spray services, tree/shrub services, chimney sweeping, handy-man jobs, snow and ice removal, sod installation,grass seeding, yard clean up, aeration, dethatching, scalping, foreclosure full Quantum Sod | Sod Supply, Installation, and Delivery. Coweta Oklahoma. S. Fescue sod needs to be reseeded every spring and every fall. If your fescue lawn is light green, or yellow, however, it may it useful to fertilize lightly. 7604 N Bryant Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73121. Fescue Sod – 500 SqFt – $275. But it does not do well in cooler weather and may need to be overseeded in the fall. 00 When Can I Sod Fescue?Tulsa OklahomaBroken Arrow OklahomaCoweta Oklahoma You can sod fescue in temperatures that range between 50 - 80 degrees. Fescue Sod Fun Facts – QuantumSod. Fescue sod has a dark rich green color. Helpful information on the care, planting and seeding of Tall Fescue, Turf-type Fescues, Fine Fescue and Creeping Red Fescue, and Tall Fescues for pasture. After your newly seeded fescue Lawn is completed we recommend watering three times a day every day of the week, but only long enough each time to keep the seed wet. They are usually a blend of several hybrids that offer different qualities. Installation and care of tall fescue sod is very easy if proper procedures are followed. It started out in small patches, and now we have more dead lawn than alive. , have worked together on tall fescue breeding for 14 years, releasing two successful tall fescue cultivars: Texoma MaxQ II and Chisholm. Practically speaking, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. Fescue grass in Oklahoma requires more maintenance than other mainstream sun-loving grasses. It also recommends keeping foot traffic off young seedlings for at least a month, as they’re easily injured. Sodfarms@gmail. This type of turfgrass is an excellent choice for a robust, healthy lawn if you live in temperate climates. Creeping red fescue can easily be grown from seed. I guess the term, "Cool Season Lawn" should give it away. It is a clump grass, lighter green with a wider blade, which makes it less desirable as a lawn grass than Crossfire III or Rembrandt. It germinates the best during the weed control-fertilization-lawn mowing lawn spraying-mowing irrigation-lawn sprinklers sod- fescue-sod -bermuda-sod grass yukon-mustang-okc-oklahoma city Easton Sod Farms - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 26, 2018 · Our Heartland Supreme Fescue has the lawn-mending ability and fine texture of Kentucky bluegrass mixed with well adapted varieties of turf-type tall Fescue, to provide recuperative ability, better density, softer texture and better disease resistance. The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the performance of 65 tall fescue cultivars. We provide homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, and athletic fields with quality sod. com GROWING FINE OKLAHOMA LAWNS SINCE 1974 Welcome to Canadian Valley Sod, we are the home of Oklahoma's best quality grasses and other lawn supplies. It is easy to Overseed if you follow the right steps. This stuff is amazing. Tall fescue is the best cool-season grass to plant in Oklahoma. Choosing high-quality tall fescue grass seed such as The Rebels ® Brand Tall Fescue Blend helps ensure you get outstanding turf-type varieties you can count Scotts Turf Builder Thick'R Lawn Tall Fescue Mix - 40 Lb. Stay on top of your lawn care needs by scheduling a September aeration Aug 19, 2020 - Fescue Sod - Tulsa Sod Installation - Quantum Sod - 918. Providing Oklahomans across the state with fresh Oklahoma grown bermuda and fescue sod. Fescue can help you keep your Oklahoma City Landscape green! Creeping Red Fescue does not do well in hot climates, except in shady, dry situations. Fescue is a cool-season grass that is a great option for premium, low-input lawns. For over a decade, they have been proundly serving Edmond and Guthrie Oklahoma. | Combination 7. Farm fresh SOD is available by the piece, by the pallet and by the truckload at your local Lowe's store. com Mon-Sun: 7am – 8pm Turfgrass. As it grows, Fescue’s ultra-fine blades will help to fill your lawn. Bixby Oklahoma. favorite this post Apr 17 Fescue Lawn "MyYardTeam is the first lawn service that knew how to properly care for my fescue lawn, raising the mower to its highest setting. Our lawn care company will help make your lawn look great again, or if it’s in good condition, we’ll make sure it stays that way. Fescue grows when the soil temperature is above 60° F (15° C). 26 of 30 people found this Titan Tall Fescue genetics now include Titan Rx for the heat, Titan Ultra for the cold, T. Apply at a rate of 1. Damaged tall fescue areas are slow to recover and may need to be reseeded. No shortages for tall fescue and tall fescue + kentucky bluegrass sod were predicted for 2020. Only the best turf farms will be allowed to grow RTF fescue. Prior to fertilizing, I encourage you to have a soil test done every 2 to 3 years. Prepare to nurse your new lawn for about two months, says the Maryland guide. This tall fescue grass seed and fertilizer combination will change the way you grow grass; it's the most complete solution for large problem areas in your lawn and establishing new grass One 16-lb. 2631 Preliminary research findings at OSU indicate several perennial ryegrass cultivars have promise for Oklahoma conditions. In order to practice responsible water use, you should learn to recognize signs of dry turfgrass. Most homeowners will need to reseed areas that were lost because of heat or disease - mid-September through 405-732-4327 5700 N. Coarse and tough, fescue is a The best solution I have found is over-seeding the turn with Fescue. PGF Complete is the fertilizer to use. files. 30 Fescue 500 square feet pallet $ 285. One of the best uses for fine fescue is as an eco-friendly turf lawn. Mid-September through October is the best time to establish Fescue grass from seed. Headquartered in Catoosa, OK, 1 st Choice delivers customized landscape service solutions to home and business owners throughout Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas. A guide to Tall Fescue grass seed for pastures & turf type fescue for lawns. Fescue Sod – Quantum Sod – Tulsa Oklahoma – 918. If you have planted tall fescue in the last year or two, then you may want to overseed the area to thicken up the turf grass It's Not so HOT, But My Poor Lawn. ) are perennial grasses suited for U. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair provides : Drainage System Installation utilizing French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, and Sump Pumps. Its durability is reflected in the fact its often grown in play areas, golf-course fairways, along highways and in parks. A 500 Square foot pallet of sod weighs about Advance Sod Sales, Bixby, OK. 2. If your soil is very poor or the fescue blend begins to turn a pale green, spray the lawn lightly with a 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 water-soluble fertilizer every four to six weeks. This blend will allow turfgrass to be deep rooted and maintain a dark green color. I know for a lot of folks, bermuda grass is a weed. The perennial rye will die from lack of sun, the annual rye will die from winter kill, and what remains will be wide bladed tall fescue plants intermingled with very fine bladed If you have Fescue, you may be dealing with this in the cold winter months. Fescue is an adaptable residential turf Grass designed to handle regular use, resist drought and disease requiring less maintenance We solve all types of unwanted water problems in and around your home or business. Midwest Blvd. 534 square feet: $586. 3-way blend, and T. We specialize in producing sod that will fit the needs of any residential or commercial location in this area such that no matter where you need grass, there's a sod solution for you. - Year round for all your sod needs. Oklahoma is on the western edge of the area of adapta-tion for tall fescue, but the grass grows well in the eastern one-third of the state, where the average precipitation is greater than 35 inches per year. - Year round, we specialize in getting the job done. Call… Our entire lawn is dying. com. This helps you will have success with a wider variety of site and soil conditions. Be sure you do not apply any pre-emergent herbicide prior to overseeding your Tall Fescue lawn. Also a variety of different fertilizers and Black Beauty Fescue or MAY 20, 2021 - If you missed your chance to plant a cool-season lawn in the fall, it's almost time to try again. Benefits of Fescue Sod. ie 10-5-10, 32-0-10, etc. Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby – Zoysia, Bermuda, Fescue – 918. Harmony 500 Sq Ft Fescue Sod 1 Pallet If you are looking for a superior turf that can handle regular use resist drought and disease then fescue is your ideal choice. 2631 Fescue sod loves cool weather. Creeping red fescue is a common turf grass in transition states such as Oklahoma. We are happy to serve both retail and commercial customers. Your lawn is only as good as the seed you grow. Also remember that grass grown in the shade should be mowed about 1 inch higher than grass grown in full sunlight allowing more leaf area to receive the limited sunlight. Feed the sod again in late February or early March with a high-nitrogen, slow-release lawn fertilizer. See Fact Sheet HLA-6418, “Selecting a Lawn Grass for Oklahoma,” for detailed information. Partial dieback is common in Oklahoma when our dry summers heat up. This selection is best suited in a morning sun environment. Connect with us on Facebook today! At Apple Valley Eco-Landscapes, we serve the entire Oklahoma City region, including these towns: Edmond, Nichols Hills, Yukon, Bethany and surrounding areas. This test will indicate if you need to apply lime to raise the pH level or if “It’s like lowering the disco ball over your lawn,” said Lee Miller, plant pathologist for University of Missouri Extension. Performs best with at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight. Fescue is a cool season turf, which means that it does best in mild conditions. Hopefully it won't die off in the winter since I planted it during the summer (not optimal time). 50 Bermuda by the roll(5'x2') $5. By timing your seeding properly and giving your lawn The Rebels ® Brand advantage, you can grow and enjoy the best tall fescue lawn possible. Your Best Grass & Sod Provider in Oklahoma! Bermuda Zoysia Fescue Buffalo Wholesale Buy direct from the farm at one of our two locations. Coweta Oklahoma You can sod fescue in temperatures that range between 50 – 80 degrees. In Tulsa (zone 7), we grow fescue in the shade, because it’s a cool season grass that’s heat-intolerant. 8 While other seed fell on fertile ground and took root immediately and grew successfully. Aim to keep your lawn at about 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches high during the spring through fall mowing season. 2631Tulsa OklahomaBroken Arrow OklahomaCoweta OklahomaSod is the top layer of grass growing on your topsoil. Rembrandt Tall Fescue is a dark green, medium leaf with high shade, drought, and traffic tolerance. Tall Fescue Grass . Fescue grass is the most shade tolerant turf. Fescue is one of the more drought-resistant field plants grown in Missouri. Tall Fescue grass is a cool-season grass that grows strongly in the fall and spring, slowing down and stopping growth in warm summer months. We charge $150/pallet of 500sqft See full list on turf. Zoysia Fescue or Zoysia Comparison Zoysia vs Fescue. Shop Harmony Outdoor Brands 500-sq ft Fescue Sod Palletundefined at Lowe's. The bermuda I got came from Oklahoma and was extremely thick and green. Overseeding Your Tall Fescue Lawn Part 1: The Setup. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Fescue Sod locations in Edmond, OK. They loaded the sod for me and they have very helpful instructions online on how to install. Fescue sods vary slightly depending on the variety used. Got beautiful zoysia grass for a good price. Also a variety of different fertilizers and Black Beauty Fescue or I tried everything from sod to more expensive grass seeds. wordpress. The amount of actual or percentage of pure live seed When Is the Best Time to Plant Fescue Grass?. Fescue sod needs plenty of water when installed. Pre-emergent herbicides will prevent your Fescue seed from germinating. Mar 15, 2020 - Coweta Sod Pickup. Since fescue is a cool season grass and Oklahoma has really hot summers, fescue needs to be overseeded every fall to keep it lush, healthy, and less weeds. Upon completing your order, Harmony's direct delivery staff will reach out to schedule your delivery. TIfway419 Bermuda A: Fescue lawns struggle in the Oklahoma heat; this grass would rather live in Nebraska. Plants in the Classroom: The Story of Oklahoma Turfgrass. Zoysiza. The most discerning of homeowners can combat this by over seeding their fescue every fall. Welcome to Easton Sod Farms, Inc! We are the proud home of over 1500 acres of farmland and have been providing sod for over 40 years. D. Run a soil test two weeks prior to overseeding. ” Brown patch is the Achilles’ heel of tall fescue, Miller said. Because of its bunch-forming growth, tall fescue lawns rarely need dethatching. It shows resistance to spring dead spot and is one of the most cold-hardy bermudagrasses on the market. Fescue Sod – 500 SqFt Pallets Tulsa , Broken Arrow, Coweta, Jenks Fescue sod a common type of sod sold here in Oklahoma. Fescues (Festuca spp. tall fescue. Fescue, like all grasses, needs sunlight to grow and be healthy. The shipping start dates for each USDA zone is as follows: Zones 9 - 11 : March 1st. This disease attacks the Bermuda during cool fall temperatures. Fescue is not susceptible to Spring Dead Spot, thus the problem goes away and the lawn looks fantastic all year long. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for dosage. This grass can also be used to over-seed warm-season lawns, including those with Bermuda grass. Fescue is a cool season grass and it grows in clumps. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. We are going to give you a few quick facts about Fescue sod to help you learn more before you purchase. Tall fescue is an important turf grass in the United States today, but that wasn't always the case. Keep weeds out, too. Dixie Sod Dixie Sod is a family owned and operated sod company with more than 12 years of sod experience. Summer (optional): It is best not to fertilize fescue lawns during the summer months. com It offers great color, texture, shade tolerance, and drought resistance. Bermudagrass Fescue Gardening & Lawn Care Lawns & Turfgrass Zoysia Fescue is the most popular in Oklahoma, tolerating up to 70% shade. Headquartered at Mead, Nebraska, this association licenses turf producers around the country to produce this remarkable new sod. Fescue is a drought resistant lawn that does require regular watering. I was greatly pleased what a preemergent, fertilizer, and a couple applications of trimec did in a Water requirements may vary from lawn to lawn due to soil conditions, terrain, etc. Green Acre Sod Farm carries the best Oklahoma bermuda sod, zoysia sod, and fescue sod that you can find! Our Oklahoma sod stores have been providing the highest quality grass in Oklahoma since 1972. Some mixes contain more than one cultivar of Bluegrass or Fescue, but as long as they add up to 10/90, you’re on the right track. Examples include: Crossfire II, Mustang, and Blade Runner. Keep in mind that the MAJORITY of experts say in absence of a soil test, use a 4-1-2 ratio fertilizer. If you have some bare spots in your fescue lawn, call us today for your aeration and overseeding appointment at 405-531-9105 or fill out our contact form. Tall Fescue Available Now. (4-1-2 times 4 = 16 Jan 11, 2018 - Oklahoma's outdoor living spaces often get used almost year round, depending on the weather. Armed with knowledge and experience, the experts at Oklahoma Landscape know what combination of fescue seeds and what fertilizer to use to get your Tulsa overseeding lawn to grow to its fullest potential. Tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass sod is most often installed from January through June and September through December. Bermuda is known for being the luxurious green carpet on golf courses. dry weather in summer. Fescue. Oklahoma Sod Delivery. Do not fertilize fescue and other cool-season grasses during the summer. Fescue sod is grown in full sunlight – If you would like to grow fescue In full sunlight you can. Johnston Seed Company Physical Address 319 West Chestnut Enid, OK 73701 View Map. Fescue sod loves cool weather. Fine fescues are known for performing well in soils with low-fertility. Orders are fresh curbside delivery, from the farm direct The Stover Bonsai Fescue Grass Seed features a dark green, fine leaf texture to help create a better quality, thin-bladed turf with a slower rate of growth and less mowing required. Fescue – QuantumSod. Mailing Address P. This is a strange mix. What are the shipping options for Sod? All Sod can be shipped to you at home. I live in north OKC, can i plant fescue sod and have it survive. Zone 7 : March 29th. The foliage on will start as a light pink and mature into a dark green color. But even fescue can not grow in the dense shade under dogwood trees or closely spaced hardwood trees. 5 pounds of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet. Customer Service (580) 249 – 4449 Tall fescue seeds are bigger seed (see picture at right) than many grass seeds, and are easily planted. Aug 19, 2020 - Sod – Sod Delivery – Sod Installation – Sod Supplier – QuantumSod. Whether you are laying down sod seeding a new lawn or over seeding your current lawn you can trust topper to deliver a greener more dense turf. Typically, thesod will come with a special nettingto help with the harvesting of thesod or the sod will be a mixed plantingof Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis),which contains under­ groundrhizomes, and tall fescue to increasesod strength. Choosing shade-tolerant grasses such as fine fescue is about the only way to ensure the healthy growth of grass under trees. 5-Star has high disease resistance to brown patches of fungus which can occur in humid and hot areas; along with being drought tolerant. A new lawn must have time to become well-established, as preemergence herbicides can inhibit lawn grass root growth. Fescue Sod (1-Pallet). Fescue sod should not be installed when it’s above 90 degrees. Due to the aggressive rhizomes of this variety, it will thrive in a wide variety of soil profiles found throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. Johnston Seed Company Sod Farm offers a variety of high-quality turf grasses including Bermudagrass, Fescue, Buffalograss, and Zoysiagrass. No sprinkler problem is too big or too small. com; Address: 7604 N Bryant Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73121; Cross Streets: Between NE 71st St and E Wilshire Blvd/N I-35 Service Rd; Phone: (405) 478-1200 In the South, tall fescue is best adapted to those states in the transition zone - Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and northern parts of North Carolina, Georgia and Texas. Fescue grass is a great option for shady areas, but there are some big differences. This allows us to not only facilitate large commercial orders, but we have the space available to grow a wide variety of grasses. Each pallet is $275. The photo above is Michelle’s yard 10 months after the initial installation of Fescue The best cool-season shade grasses are from the fescue family. We love making our customers happy. And it’s going to take some special lawn care practices. Cool-season turfgrasses germinate optimally when daily mean temperatures of the upper soil surface range from 68° to 86° F. Tall fescue: This adaptable cool-season grass can do well in shaded sites that warm-season grasses can’t tolerate. , hardy in U. Front Lawn brand Shady Lawn Mix from Pennington (40% Airlie tall fescue, 30% Boreal creeping red fescue, 15% Annual rye, 15% perennial ryegrass). Advance Sod Sales, Bixby, OK. If you’re planning to sow tall fescue seeds this year, you should know that this is a cool season’s grass. 92 likes · 14 were here. Hollandbt Posts: 53 Joined: Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:21 am Location: Edmond, Oklahoma Grass Type: Bermuda/Fescue Lawn Size: 30,000 Mower: Masport Rotarola/Gravely ZT HD This association was developed with the sole purpose of producing and marketing RTF fescue sod. Tulsa Oklahoma. Watch Queue Queue. Palisades Zoysia has a medium texture leaf which stands upright similar to tall fescue. Also a variety of different fertilizers and Black Beauty Fescue or Tall Fescue grass is a cool-season grass that grows strongly in the fall and spring, slowing down and stopping growth in warm summer months. And, in the southern region under moderately shaded conditions, tall fescue is gaining in popularity. But everybody around here says that fescue like defiance will hold up better in the Hot oklahoma summer Buy bulk and save! Bermuda sod, fescue sod, topsoil, sandy loam, soil, compost, river rock, grass, seed, fertilizer, rail road ties are some of the examples of products. Here are some lawn care tips for Oklahoma City by season: Fall: You won’t need to water as frequently, but don’t stop altogether. A damaged lawn can be revived with treatments like lawn aeration, seeding, and composting. Bermuda 500 square feet pallet $175. Delivery Have us deliver straight to your home or jobsite. This will help cover any bare or thin spots in your grass and will help improve the health, appearance, and color of your lawn. Here is the Fescue cycle: In September, we pull out the core aerators and puncture a multitude of holes in our lawns, yeah the lawn will look horrible, worse than a kid with chicken pox, but heck that is the price for year round green, right. The most popular grass in Oklahoma for full sun areas of the lawn is Bermuda. As technology and culture change, so do the qualities and uses of turf grass as described in this fact sheet. Call us today ! 405-771-5122 7000 N. The best time to lay sod, however, is in early and mid-fall when temperatures are cooler but grass continues to grow. Tall fescue grows farther west in Oklahoma, but the risk of losing a stand due to drought is increased. The best way to gauge when to water a fescue lawn is to let the lawn itself tell you! You can tell when a fescue lawn requires watering by the color, it will tend to start having a slightly gray color to it and will also slightly crush when you walk on it, leaving visible The Fescue Cycle Deciphered. MAY 20, 2021 - If you missed your chance to plant a cool-season lawn in the fall, it's almost time to try again. Dixie Sod was started in Hampton, Georgia in 1996. Email Save Comment 6. Leave the clippings on the lawn to decompose and return their nutrients to the soil. A mixture of tall fescue (90-95%) and Kentucky bluegrass (5-10%) will help provide a uniform establishment. It is also easy to grow from seed. See full list on turf. Fescue Sod is installed seasonally – Now is a great time 2. 95: $885. The following tips and advice for sowing tall fescue are adapted from a Turf Alert, posted Sep 15, 2014 by Dr. As with other cool-season grasses, the best time to plant tall fescue or perform other major lawn tasks is during its peak growth period in fall and spring. Best Best Fescue Grass Seed For Oklahoma Scotts EZ Seed Bermudagrass - 3. 2631 Email: ok. This upright growth allows for mowing heights from 3″ down to 1/2″ for applications such as golf tee boxes. The folded pieces measure 16″ X 45″ (5 square feet) and the small rolls are 24″ X 60″ (10 square feet). It grows in a number of areas where other types of grass cannot survive. Rebel Exceda Fescue hybridized with Kentucky bluegrass $120 per pallet 50 sq yd/ 450 sq ft. Creeping Red Fescue Seeding: Seeding with red fescue is best done in the fall and is usually seeded with bluegrass or perennial rye native to North America and Oklahoma but is typically only used in low or reduced maintenance yards. Fortunately, Imperial Lawns can help by providing Fall Fescue overseeding in Edmond. Scotts thermal blue is sweet. It gives an immaculate lawn with a blend of hard fescue, chewings fescue and creeping red fescue. But here in Tulsa, the life cycle of fescue is different. , Combination Mulch, Seed and Fertilizer, For Tough Conditions Like Scorching Heat and Dry Areas, Grows on Slopes and in High Traffic Areas NeedAdvice33 – posted 07 September 2004 20:36. L. In addition to this, adult fescue grass is easily stressed and damaged by high temperatures like those RVA experiences in the summer. Also a variety of different fertilizers and Black Beauty Fescue or Fescue is an ideal grass for shaded areas exposed to both extreme hot and cold temperatures such as the transitional zone. This dwarf fescue grass can grow in sunlight as well as lightly shaded areas and can tolerate heat and drought conditions. | Midwest City, OK 73110 Mailing Address : PO Box 10677 Midwest City, OK 73110 Find 40 listings related to Fescue Sod in Edmond on YP. See article on Oklahoma Soil Test Mar 15, 2020 - Quantum Sod - Sod - Sod Delivery - Sod Supplier - Sod Delivery - Sod Installation Fescue - QuantumSod. 2 reviews of Easton Sod "Very friendly. However, getting the best from fescue requires some thought and extra effort. Tall fescue cultivars planted for turf and soil erosion control, in all regions, often contain high levels of the endophyte. Seeding Fescue lawns in Oklahoma Written by Jerry Ward, in Reinventing Paradise Although the majority of lawns in Oklahoma are planted with Bermuda grass, Tall Fescue varieties, such as; Adventure, Houndog, and others are considered by the Oklahoma State University Extension Service to be hardy enough to survive Oklahoma climates. 5 Star Fescue Grass Seed Blend has five of the best rated dwarf turf type fescues. 11 years ago. Hot soil will prevent fescue sod from taking root When Can I Sod Fescue? Tulsa Oklahoma. For these reasons, the following management practices and dates should be adjusted to suit your particular home lawn conditions. ” Each Pallet provides roughly 450 square feet per pallet. Premium Sod for 35+ Years NG Turf has established itself as an industry leader throughout the Southeast, providing premium grass varieties backed by superior service and a one-year warranty. The recommended overseeding rate for winter color in home lawns and other similar turfgrass areas is 10 to 20 pounds of seed per 1000 ft. Every August, cool season lawns look pretty bleak in Oklahoma. Fescue came up thick and A Cut Above performs fescue overseeding to help prevent unwanted brown spots from showing up in your Oklahoma lawn. Very professional. It performs well in either full sun or light to medium shade when properly managed. Weeds that invade your fescue lawn not only present an aesthetic problem, but they also place your fescue in a stressful fight for water, soil space and nutrients. Bermuda vs Fescue Grass may not be your go to when thinking of a pristine lawn, but maybe it should be. Is it just too hot for fescue? I live in Oklahoma, East. 10% Kentucky Bluegrass and 90% Tall Fescue seed by weight. fescue sod oklahoma